Causality, Analyticity, and Superluminal Propagation Workshop

October 13-16, 2008

University of Michigan
Central Campus,  Lecture hall 340 West Hall
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1040


The workshop is dedicated to the discussion of different aspects of superluminal propagation in relativistic field theories. It is well known that some field theories with Lorentz invariant action do allow for superluminal propagation of perturbations on nontrivial backgrounds. This requires that the background breaks Lorentz invariance and the kinetic terms have a specific structure. In particular, these models have very interesting consequences for cosmology, black holes and high energy physics. Thus it is important to investigate whether such theories are free of internal inconsistencies at both classical and quantum levels.

Moreover, it is interesting to analyze, if these models can appear as a low energy limit of a fundamental theory.

The format of the workshop is rather informal. We are planning to have at most five informal talks a day and plenty of time for discussions in the afternoon.


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