Kane Symposium

Celebration of the 70th Birthday of Gordon Kane
Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics
January 19-20, 2007
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Organizing Committee:
Howard Haber (UCSC)
James D. Wells (U. of Michigan)
C.-P. Yuan (Michigan State University)

Workshop Secretary:
Angela Milliken (amillik@umich.edu)

Symposium Details:

Invited Speakers:

This is a two-day symposium to honor the career and accomplishments of our friend and colleague Gordy Kane, and to celebrate his 70th birthday. This "festschrift" will be held on Friday and Saturday, 19-20 January 2007, at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in lecture auditorium, 340 West Hall. For the symposium, we are planning a program of 30 minute physics /professional talks for these two days from 9am - 6pm, during which speakers are encouraged to discuss their work and their interactions with Gordy. We will also arrange for a celebratory dinner to be held Friday evening on 19 January.There will be no registration fee and no formal written proceedings.

Nima Arkani-Hamed (Harvard)
Pierre Binetruy (U. of Paris)
Savas Dimopoulos (Stanford University)
Martin Einhorn (KITP)
Lisa Everett (UW - Madison)
Henry Frisch (U. of Chicago)
Mary K. Gaillard (UC Berkeley & LBL, Berkeley)
James B. Hartle (UCSB)
J. D. Jackson (UC Berkeley)
Paul Langacker (U. of Pennsylvania)
Joseph David Lykken (Fermilab)
Brent Nelson (Northeastern University)
Malcolm Perry (Cambridge)
Michael Peskin (SLAC)
Lisa Randall (Harvard)
Liantao Wang (Princeton)
Bruce Winstein (U. of Chicago)