Large Deviations

Theory and Applications of
Large Deviation Statistics
June 4-8, 2007
335 West Hall, University of Michigan
1085 S.University Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48109
The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics

Scientific Program
Travel and Hotel Information


Special Lecture by Mark Freidlin

Speakers include:

Hakan Andersson

Stockholm University

Raluca Balan
University of Ottawa

Eli Ben Naim

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Daniel ben-Avraham

Clarkson University

Mark Dykman

Michigan State University

Jin Feng

University of Kansas

Mark Freidlin

University of Maryland

Eric Gautier Yale University
Alex Kamenev University of Minnesota
Robert Keener

University of Michigan

David Kessler

Bar-Ilan University

Samuel Kou

Harvard University

Sergey Lototsky University of Southern California
Robert Maier

University of Arizona

Baruch Meerson

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ingemar Nasell Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

Tim Newman

Arizona State University

Sid Redner

Boston University

Maria Reznikoff

Princeton University

Daniel Stein

New York University

Eric Vanden Eijnden

New York University

Alexander Wentzell

Tulane University

Michael Woodroofe

University of Michigan

Greenfield Village Trip
Wednesday, June 6,
following the
afternoon session

Banquet Information

June 7th 6:30 PM

Organizing Committee

Anna Amirdjanova,
Department of Statistics,
University of Michigan

Charlie Doering,
Departments of Mathematics and 
Physics & MCTP
University of Michigan

Len Sander,
Department of Physics
University of Michigan