In the winter term of 1997, six gentlemen decided to meet in order to discuss the need for a Latino fraternity on campus. The men discussed the need for a support system primarily for Latino males and the need for positive representation on campus. After several weeks, the group fell apart, but two males did not quit and decided to pursue their dream with an unstoppable passion. These males were Valentino Ganacias and Diego Bernal. During the summer between academic years, they were the only ones who kept in contact with each other. Then when fall began, these men took action. On the Saturday of September 20, 1997, these men invited two other members into their meeting to express the need for a Latino fraternity. These men were not excited about the news, but after rethinking their position, Cesar Orozco and Richard Nunn decided to join the other two men in the founding of a brotherhood.

After numerous meetings, these four gentlemen decided to invite two other men into their prestigious and courageous group, these men were Roberto Liera and Guadalupe San Roman. After this, all six men began to research different fraternities in order to find the one that would the most satisfy their needs, along with providing the community with a resourceful brotherhood. After many hardships and obstacles presented before them,"the Sixth Sense" founded the Alpha Omicron Chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternidad Latina, Inc. on November 23, 1997.

During the Fall of 1998 semester, a man decided he was going to travel the road that would lead him to uncharted waters. The man had no idea or expectation of what this path entailed. But after much trial and tribulation, this man would make it to their desired destination. On November 20, 1998, Juan Calzonzi formed “Fire and Ice”, the Beta Line of Lambda Theta Phi Fraternidad Latina, Inc. Alpha Omicron Chapter.

In the Spring of 1999, two men, with hunger in their eyes and desire in their hearts, decided to take up the challenge, just as many men before them had done. At times, they knew not where they were headed; they walked by faith. At times, they doubted their own strength. But in the end, they conquered all and on March 18, "los Rayos Fugaces" was formed. So when you hear Trueno, you will know that Relampago will always follow.

It was in the spring of 2000 that the legacy reached a new level, when three unique men decided to undertake the journey. All three were strong and independent, and so it was hard to develop bonds. Yet, with every obstacle they conquered, it became clear that in diversity there is FUERZA. United, they came to be known as "La Tercia Dorada", which combined the tenacity of Edgar Garza, the integrity of Alberto Sanchez-Aparicio, and the charisma of Celso Cardenas. Together, they were the first to SALUTE in "El Infierno en Los Lagos". Together they knocked on the gates of Hell, and though it seemed impossible, together they came out. Three in . . .Three out, as it should be, as it will always be, LA TERCIA DORADA.

The spring of 2001 brought together three men, each from a different world. Nothing could have prepared them for the journey they were to embark on, but together they managed to put differences aside and unite as one to overcome trial after trial. Out of the INFIERNO arose Cuautemoc-Ricardo Valle Moreno, Tenaz-Rogelio Hernandez and Guardian-Serafin Vega. Three Conquistadores with their newly found confidence, determination and compassion together formed La ETERNA TRINIDAD of Lambda Theta Phi, Alpha Omicron Chapter.

Since then the Alpha Omicron Chapter has kept to the goals of Latino unity, cultural awareness, and a high standard of learning, all for the enrichment of humanity.

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