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The History of the McMath-Hulbert Observatory

by Dave Snyder
Revised: November 2004

McMath-Hulbert Observatory

A businessman who developed an interest in astronomy eventually interested one of his sons and a Wayne County judge as well. The three of them founded an observatory on Lake Angelus (near Pontiac Michigan). Because of their innovative use of motion pictures to study the moon and the sun, the University of Michigan quickly started a collaboration with this new observatory. After the initial attempts to study the moon, the main preoccupation of the observatory was the sun. Between the three partners, they had experience with mechanical engineering needed to construct the needed equipment and with raising money for buying materials (however much of the labor was donated which reduced the costs).

Research work at the McMath-Hulbert Observatory included:

An chronology of events follows:

There were several publications between 1950-1966 relating to solar research conducted at the McMath Hulbert Observatory. The McMath-Hulbert Observatory still exists.

Field Trip to the McMath-Hulbert Observatory

Photo Credits

The photograph at the beginning of this page shows the McMath-Hulbert Observatory shortly after McGregor building was constructed in 1941 and is used with permission of the McMath-Hulbert Observatory.

The second photograph was taken by Bill Blevins on November 2, 2003. On that date a group of Lowbrows took a field trip to the McMath-Hulbert Observatory. A Field Trip to the McMath-Hulbert Observatory has photographs taken during that field trip.

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