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Astronomy Pictures of the Planets [Image 9]

Jupiter and Io
by David P Tucker

This is an image of Jupiter I took at the Open House at the University Lowbrow Astronomers “Peach Mountain” observing site (near Dexter, Michigan) Saturday Night (April 9, 2005). The bright spot closest to the planet is Jupiter’s Moon Io, the bright spot on the bottom is probably a star (HIP 62688). Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, larger then all the other planets and moons combined. The bands you see on the disk are bands of clouds in its upper atmosphere.

Jupiter and Io

Technical Details

Built by stacking around 500 1/5000 second images in K3CCDOPs, touchup in JASC paintshop, photographed with Atik 2HS “Astro-Webcam” on a Poncet-mounted 10” F6 Dobsonian/Newtonian.

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