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Astronomy Pictures of the Planets [Image 6]

This page contains images produced by members of the University Lowbrow Astronomers.

Jupiter and Saturn
by Stanley Bies

Stanley has been a Lowbrow since 1995 and has been a serious observer for the last 20 years. Stanley has been sketching since the last time Comet Halley came by (that was some 15 years ago). Stanley says he likes to sketch just the “better-than-average” observations, and tends to concentrate on the brighter objects as he does most of his observing from his backyard in Ann Arbor. Stanley has a good eye for detail and gets the most out of his 5.7” Mak-Newt. (Keep up the great drawings!)


Jupiter (00:30 UT March 4, 2001), 5.7” Maksutov-Newtonian at 200x.


Saturn (November, 2000), 5.7” Maksutov-Newtonian at 255x.

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