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Jupiter Composite
by Doug Scobel

My photo from last night (Saturday May 6, 2006).

Hey, everyone, here’s one of mine from last night. Actually, it’s a composite of two separate images. In most of the shots I took (1/2 second to 8 seconds, the camera has limited manual controls) Jupiter is hopelessly overexposed and smeared. But when I accidentally used the flash, the short exposure did the trick, although none of the moons showed up. So I did a little magic in Paint Shop Pro and combined the two. Not scientifically accurate, but it does give the visual impression. Shot was through my homemade 8-inch f/8 Newt, undriven; Nikon Coolpix 800 mated to a Televue 14mm Radian eyepiece. Great time last night, everyone! Doug

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