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A Field Trip to the McMath-Hulbert Observatory

Group Photo

From 1852 to the present, the University of Michigan has operated a number of observatories (some in Ann Arbor and others in various parts of the world including South Africa and Chile). For most of that history amateurs have played an important role in the development of these observatories. For example, the McMath-Hulbert Observatory (located near Pontiac Michigan) was founded by two businessman and a judge.

Ever since it was built, there has been a connection between this observatory and the University of Michigan. For one thing, the 24” McMath telescope used at Peach Mountain Observatory was originally located at the McMath-Hulbert Observatory.

On November 2, 2003, a group of Lowbrows visited McMath-Hulbert Observatory. Some drove directly to the Observatory, others met in Ann Arbor before making the trip. This photograph shows the Lowbrows who met in Ann Arbor (it was taken at a parking lot).

Equipment at McMath-Hulbert Observatory

After arrival, the Lowbrows walked through buildings filled with old equipment.

2nd Group Photo

Lowbrows at McMath-Hulbert. During the 1930’s Robert McMath (one of the three founders) used the observatory to study the Sun. The Lowbrows are watching a video that shows some of the original research work.

McGregor Building

In front of the Tracy W. McGregor Building (on the observatory grounds) shortly before we returned home.

Photo Credits

The first photograph was taken by John Ryan. The second photograph was taken by Dave Snyder, the third and forth photographs were taken by Bill Blevins.

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