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The 2005 Cherry Springs Star Party by Doug Scobel

Cherry Springs State Park is located in Potter County, Pennsylvania. It is the home of the annual Black Forest Star Party. In the summer of 2005 it was also the home of the Cherry Springs Star Party (CSSP). For more information, see . The following photographs were taken at the 2005 CSSP (June 2-6, 2005).


Here’s a panorama of one of the overlooks on SR 44 just south of Cherry Springs State Park. I took this shot (actually it’s five separate shots stitched together) on Sunday June 5. As you can see, it’s not only a great venue for a star party, but the scenery in the area is beautiful as well.

Group Photo

Here’s a panorama of Camp Lowbrow before Sunday night’s observing. (You probably will need to scroll your browser to the right to see the entire panorama). Left to right is Bobby Gruszczynski (12.5” Portaball), Joni Gruszczynski (8” Uti), Mark Deprest (12.5” Bruce Rubin), yours truly (13.1” homemade Dob), and Jim Wadsworth (12.5” Discovery Dob).

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