FALL '02
Fridays 1 pm, 335 West Hall.

Organizer: Finn Larsen

September 6
No Colloquium
GSI Training

September 13
Mike Duff, "The Theory Formerly Known as Strings".
Wolfgang Lorenzon,"The Mystery of Nucleon Spin".

September 20
Keith Riles,"Searching for Gravitational Waves with LIGO".
Samuel Moukouri,"Numerical Studies of Electron Correlations in Low Dimensional Systems".

September 27
Tim McKay,"Structures in the Universe: Luminous and Dark Matter".
Eli Rykoff,"The Search for an Advisor".

October 4
Tim Chupp,"Laser Polarized Noble Gases".
David Gerdes, "Physics at 10^-18 meters".

October 11
Mark Newman,"The Statistical Physics of Networks: The Internet, the Six Degrees of Separation, and all that". 
Mike Longo,"Small High-Energy Physics Experiments". 

October 18
James Wells,"Gravity probes at high-energy colliders".
Carl Akerlof,"The Search for Fast Optical Transients in Astrophysics".

October 25
John Monnier, "Long-Baseline Optical Interferometry".
Paul Drake,"Experimental Astrophysics at Michigan". 

November 1
Matthew O'Donnell (Chair, Biomedical Engineering Dept of UM"
"Life After Graduate School"

November 8
Bing Zhou,"The ATLAS Project at Michigan".
Tour of the ATLAS lab. 

November 15
Steve Rand, "Slowing, Stopping, and Storing light".
Brad Orr,"What's so Big About Nano?"

November 22
Gordy Kane, "Particle physics, the Standard Model, Supersymmetry, and....". 
Brent Nelson, "Studies in High Energy Theory". 

November 29

December 6
Roberta Morris (UM Law), "Life After Graduate School".

December 13
Fred Adams, ``Extrasolar planets: The quest for alien worlds''