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* Update: As news stories about Armenicum have been slow since 2000 I am no longer updating these web pages. However, I am maintaining an e-mail group through which I send any new information. Please go to the Yahoo! Groups page in order to read any information from the year 2001 and after. 1999 & 2000 are still on this page.

Since February 1999, a new AIDS-fighting treatment known as Armenicum has been reported primarily by the Armenian and Russian press. This annoucement has been met with skepticism. Rumors and misinformation have been wide-spead. I have created this page as a source for news and information and as an archive for the press releases that I have received.

This does not mean that the information in these web pages is accurate, correct or truthful.

First a disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, so I cannot answer questions beyond my basic knowledge of HIV/AIDS. I am not able to tell you where the clinic is located nor can I help you get in contact with the people working on the treatment. I do not work for the Armenian government or for any researchers working on the treatment.

The development of an AIDS-fighting drug would be an accomplishment for the entire world. If Armenia was the country to produce it, that would mean amazing long term benefits for the nation. But of course, we should look at this skeptically, as we should with all news. We can only hope for the best.

Any questions, comments, corrections and especially submissions can be sent to me.

I have prepared a list of Armenian Embassies around the world, because a lot of people have asked me about it.


UN/WHO Fact Sheets: Statistics on AIDS in Armenia and selected neighbors from 1998


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