06.1 There-Insertion

accumulate add amble appear arise arrive ascend assemble await awake awaken beat begin belch blaze boom break bubble build burst cascade chatter chime climb cling coexist come confront correspond crawl create creep cross crouch cut dance dangle dart dawn decay depend derive descend develop die disappear discern discover display doze drift drop dwell echo elapse emanate emerge enact engrave ensue enter evolve exist exude fall fester find flap flare flash flee flicker float flow flutter fly follow gallop gleam glimmer glisten glitter glue go grow gush hang happen head hear hide hobble hook hop hover hurtle idle imprint inscribe issue jump kneel labor lay lean leap lie live loom lounge lurk march materialize meander mount occur open overspread paint pass perch persist pile pin place plod plop plunge prance predominate preside prevail project protrude puff radiate reach reign remain reside resound rest reverberate revolve ride ring rise roam roll rumble run rush sail scatter scintillate scrawl see seize settle shelter shimmer shine show shriek shuffle sing sit skip sleep slouch smolder sound sparkle speed spill sprawl spread squat stack stagger stamp stand staple steal stem step straddle straggle strap stray stream stretch stride stroll strut supervene surge survive suspend sweep swim swing take tattoo tick toil tower trot trudge tumble turn twinkle twist understand vanish wait walk wander want weave wind work write writhe

From the verb index to Levin 1993.
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