Class Description for Core 100, Fall 2001

Basically, all we do in this class is read, write, and talk;
you will be doing a lot of reading and writing for this class,
but class time is spent discussing what we've read and written, plus selected short subjects.

So you may be interested in what I'm like to talk to, and what I talk about.
Here, for instance, is a list of some things I said in a semantics class (out of context),
and the paper on codeswitching and context it illustrates.

You might be able to get some idea (or you may not) from the following set of links.

I am interested in a whole lot of stuff.
And I write about some of it.
Links marked * point to things I wrote.
Since this is a writing class, how you write will be an issue,
so you might be interested in how I write.

Last change November 20, 2001
John Lawler