Hi! I'm attending the Macy-MIM Science Camp this year and I come from Detroit, where I am a senior at Cass Technical High School. I'm thinking about attending college next year at
  • Xavier, or maybe
  • John Hopkins,
  • Tennessee State, or possibly even
  • The University of Michigan, where I hope to major in Biochemistry, in preparation for a career in trauma surgery.
    Or maybe as a biochemist.

    I'm very interested in, and have found these links to:

    Here's some advice from me to next year's Macy-MIM participants:
    1. Stay on time.
    2. Keep with it, remember that this looks real good on college applications.
    3. Have fun, even if you have to create your own.
    4. Pay attention to what the teachers say to you, it is all informative and helpful.
    5. Keep your goal set and strive to reach it.

    Hope you have fun!

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