List of NorWesCon 33 panels for John Lawler
Thursday, 4/1, 9 p.m., Cascade 6
How Full of Crap Is Wikipedia?
Or is it really a solid source of information? How does the process of inputing, editing and reviewing data work?  Are there enough protections in place to make certain it is accurate and not subject to personal interpretation? Or are we facing the "Survivor Phenomenon" when it comes to data, with popular vote determining what is truth?
Ted Butler (M), The Reverend En Fuego, Creede Lambard, John Lawler
Friday, 4/2, 9 a.m., Cascade 6
Fictional Linguistics (Handout being assembled, vers of 3/28)
A linguist discusses how to use existing languages as a model for fantasy or alien languages. A fascinating look at how what we say (or don't) shapes our world and how that principle affects alien tongues.
Jake Ballin (M), Brent Kellmer, John Lawler, Kris Millering
Friday, 4/2, 4-5 p.m., Evergreen 3 & 4
Autograph Session #1
Alexander James Adams, Alma Alexander, Bethalynne Bajema, Richard Baker, Steven Barnes, Arthur Bozlee, Andy R. Bunch, Alan M. Clark, Greg Cox, Dr. John G. Cramer, etc.
Friday, 4/2, 5 p.m., Evergreen 1
Language Fossils(Handout being assembled, vers of 3/28)
Language evolves, leaving a trail of outmoded words and expressions behind it leading back to the past. How does language evolve and why?
John Lawler, Kris Millering, David R. Silas
Saturday, 4/3, 4 p.m., Cascade 8
Computers and the Changing Face of Education
The $100 laptop for the Third World, schools in the US that require each student to have a state-of-the-art laptop, accredited universities accepting online courses for class work, the prevalence of online research. Will there come a time when the traditional school disappears all together?
Sonia Orin Lyris (M), Ted Butler, Kurt Cagle, John Lawler

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