16.  JOSEPH L. MALONE, Columbia University

GENDER SYSTEMS (LIN BC3052y) [3 points]                 3/9/93
Enrollment limited to undergraduates 

The structure and function of gender systems and similar 
linguistic marking networks:  systems based on sex (e.g. 
Spanish, Arabic), animacy (e.g. Ojibwa), shape (e.g. Chinese 
classifiers). Natural, arbitrary, and emblematic systems. 
Pronouns, syntax, and semantics; social implications of sex-
based marking; measures undertaken to combat sexist 

Professor Joseph L. Malone
Linguistics Department
Barnard College, Columbia University
3009 Broadway
New York, NY  10027-6598

The course at this writing has been taught once, Spring 1991, 
but will be offered again in Spring 1994.  Though planned 
largely as a "service course" for the Barnard College Women's 
Studies Program and Columbia University's Women's Center, 
enrollment turned out to be limited to a small group of 
linguistics majors.  It is hoped that advertising will attract a 
wider enrollment next time.

Bibliography will comprise roughly ten items, of which the 
first here listed should constitute the core text.  The second 
is an article by the instructor:

Greville Corbett, Gender, Cambridge University Press, 1991

Joseph L. Malone, "On the Feminine Pronominalization of 
         Irish and English boat nouns,"  General Linguistics 
         25(1985) 189-198.

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