From: Dave
Sent: Tuesday, March 02, 2010 3:37 PM
To: Lawler, John
Subject: Linguistics 210 Coursepack

Hi Dr Lawler,

I'm a PhD student in LInguistics. I doubt you remember me, but I took Ling 210 with you about 7 years ago at U of M.

The reason I'm writing to you is the following: I'm going to be teaching an intro to Ling course this summer (and potentially winter). Since taking your course,  I'd always envisioned teaching intro to Ling using your coursepack, or something that borrowed heavily from it. I still remember doing Lushootseed problems fondly.  I had my pack up till the last year I was at UM, but loaned it to someone who was taking 210 one semester. I've been unable to retrieve it. I realize that this is potentially a big request, but I was wondering if you by any chance had an electronic copy of the coursepack.

I know a lot of the content was pulled from available external sources (the cambridge encyclopedia, for example), but, if i'm not mistaken there were a lot of problem sets that you came up with yourself. This isn't a request so much to save myself the work of finding problems, we've got tons of example problems in the Language Files and other books, but rather a request for the really interesting problem sets I remember doing and enjoying so much.

Sorry for the rambling email.

I hope you're enjoying your retirement out in Washington.