Class resources for the October 2019 A.L.L course
      What Didn't You Learn in English Class?

  • The handout from the first lecture consists of the following pages:
    (there are links in these files that take you to more information)
  • Pages 1 and 2, specific for this class
  • English phonemes and transcription
  • How to figure out a sentence
  • Complement clause types
  • The handout from the third lecture consists of the following pages:
    (there are links in these files, too)
  • Phonetic consonant chart
  • Negation and Negative Polarity
  • The 1899 London Matriculation Exam (see below)
  • A page from this handout, on rimes
  • Two pages from this handout, on assonances
  • The powerpoint slides from the lectures:
  • First lecture phonetics slides
  • First lecture syntax slides
  • Second lecture auxiliary verb slides
  • Third lecture greatest hits
  • The Deixis Lectures by Charles Fillmore, beginning with the lecture entitled "May We Come In?".

  • The English language paper which was set as part of the London
    Matriculation examination for senior pupils in June 1899.
    In other words, this is what you used to have to learn in English class.

  • Links to John Lawler's online answers to specific grammar questions
  • John Lawler's Website at the University of Michigan
    contains a lot of material. Help yourself.

  • A page of linguistic puzzles and distractions for the curious.
    This was one of my first efforts to recycle my teaching materials
    (as puzzles for grownups instead of lecture slides).
    Like everything else on my website, it's free, and comes with
    a moneyback guarantee, subject of course to The Usual Disclaimers.

  • The complete coursepacks for my old UM Intro Ling class, Introduction to Linguistic Analysis.
    Handouts and language puzzles to analyze; in two parts, of about 100 scanned pages each:
    1. Part 1, covering morphology, phonetics, and phonology
    2. Part 2, covering syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and selected short subjects.

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