RESEARCH INTERESTS,   J.C. ALT                  Last Update 1999

 My main research interests are in understanding water-rock interactions, particularly in submarine hydrothermal systems and in subduction zones, and how these reactions affect chemical and isotopic transfer between exogenic and endogenic systems.


1. Quantification of hydrothermal fluxes between seawater and ocean crust

2.  Old Pacific crust: (Marina-Izu convergent margin, ODP Leg 185)

3.  Oceanic crust hydrothermal reaction zones: Trace element and strontium isotopic compositions of secondary minerals in the lower oceanic crust. (with D. Teagle).

4. The geochemistry of sulfur during serpentinization of oceanic ultramafic rocks (Alt and Shanks, 1998a,b)

5. Hydrothermal alteration of basement rocks associated with sulfide mineralization at sediment-covered spreading centers (ODP Leg 169)

6. Hydrothermal vents in Yellowstone Lake.

7. Metamorphism and hydrothermal fluids in the lower ocean crust.  Recent (1997) participation on ODP Leg 176 to the SW Indian Ridge.

8. Subduction-Related Hydration and Sulfur Metasomatism in the Mariana forearc mantle wedge:.

9.  Drilling an in-situ section of oceanic crust formed at superfast rate. Ocean Drilling Program Leg 206.

10.  Sulfur budget during hydrothermal alteration of the Macquarie Island Ophiolite, in collaboration with Garry Davidson, CODES, U. Tasmania.