ICLS 2000 Proceedings - Special Sessions


Scaling Educational Online Communities: The Role of Volunteerism in Doing Large-Scale Educational Projects Online
Jason B. Ellis, Amy S. Bruckman, D. Kevin O'Neill and Nancy Butler Songer

Building a Real-World Learning Community: The Work/Site Alliance of Southeastern Michigan
Beverly Hunter and Yichun Xie

Individual Change and Cultural Process: Their Role in Virtual Community Building
K. Ann Renninger, Wesley Shumar, Linda Polin Mark Schlager and William S. Spitzer

Participatory Science via the Internet
Stephanie D. Teasley, Thomas A. Finholt, Clint S. Potter, Bridget Carragher, Liana Carroll, Benjamin Grosser, Janet Hanlon, Nick Kisseberth, Scott Robinson, Daniel Weber, Umesh Thakkar, Charles Conway, David Stone Gregory R. Snow, Daniel R. Claes and James D. Myers