ICLS 2000 Proceedings - Social Context


Designing for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities: A Case Study of the Role of Local Context in Shaping Curricular Adaptation
Lisa M. Bouillion and Louis M. Gomez

Reflections on Learning Sciences Using the Knowledge Mining Process
Sean Brophy and Susan Williams

Intersections of Official Script and Learners' Script in Third Space: A Case Study on Latino Families in an After-School Computer Program
Rosario Carrillo

The Physiological and the Social in the Psychologies of Dewey and Thorndike: The Matter of Habit
Timothy Koschmann

Narrative Analysis of Two On-line Political Simulations
Jeff Kupperman and Gary Weisserman

Implicit Cultural Templates in Software Design: Renegotiating the Norm with Girl Software
Tiffany Marra and Nichole Pinkard

Online Teacher Reflection as a Scaffold to Support Reform-Based Curriculum Implementation
Scott McDonald and Nancy Butler Songer

Mentoring in the Open: A Strategy for Supporting Human Development in the Knowledge Society
D. Kevin O'Neill and Marlene Scardamalia

Patterns of Interaction in Computer-supported Learning: A Social Network Analysis
Tuire Palonen and Kai Hakkarainen

Identity Development through Participation in an Informal Setting
Joseph L. Polman

Investigating the Mutual Adaptation Process in Teachers' Design of Technology-Infused Curricula
Brian J. Reiser, James P. Spillane, Franci Steinmuller Don Sorsa, Karen Carney and Eleni Kyza

Silent Negotiations: A Case Study of Roles and Functions Utilized by Students, Teachers, and Mentors in Project-based, Telementoring Relationships
Kallen Tsikalas and Katherine McMillan-Culp

The Diffusion and Appropriation of Ideas: An Investigation of Events Occurring Between Groups of Learners in Science Classrooms
Mark Windschitl