Tony Touch- Bio

Tony Touch is an icon in hip-hop.  Since he entered the game as a b-boy back in ’82, Tony has "touched" almost every aspect of the culture.  At the age of 15, he helped pioneer central Florida’s b-boy movement.  By ‘91 his mixtapes led him to international fame and he has established himself as a premier bilingual emcee.  Tony also successfully launched his own independent record label, Touch Entertainment with the release of his Rican Struction EP last year.  He has now completed his debut mix CD on which he both rhymes and produces.

When he’s not orchestrating a massive cipha, Mr. Touch is known to be on the road representing the Rock Steady Crew and deejaying for their legendary anniversary celebrations.  He can also be found deejaying regularly at clubs in the United States, the Caribbean, and throughout Europe and Japan.