Crazy Legs- Bio

The Rock Steady Crew was established in 1977 by Bronx b-boys Jimmy D and Jojo.  In 1979, when the b-boying hype was beginning to die down, Jimmy D put Crazy Legs and Lenny Len down with Rock Steady just in time to add new life to the art form and take it to the next level.  They became the motivating force behind the Rock Steady chapter in Manhattan and eventually other chapters as well.  The turning point for Rock Steady was in 1981 when photographer/sculptor Henry Chalfant offered them the chance to perform at the Lincoln Center Outdoors Program.  This performance, which was also a battle with rival b-boys The Dynamic Rockers, was crucial not only because it was covered by local television stations, newspapers, and National Geographic, it would later gain them worldwide exposure.  Jimmy D took notice of the buzz that Crazy Legs had started in Manhattan and made him president of the entire Rock Steady Crew.