The University of Michigan proudly presents

Venice Reflected: The Making of Culture 1500-1800

An international, interdisiplinary conference offered in conjunction with the exhibition Venice, Traditions Transformed organized by the Museum of Art and supported by the Program in European Studies, the International Institute, the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, the Academy of Early Music, the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, the School of Music's Dean's Discrectionary Fund, the Office for the Vice President of Research, and the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public.

Schedule of Events

Friday 11 October
3-5 pm Tappan Hall
Room 180
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Diane Owen Hughes, University of Michigan

Session I: Painting, Writing and the Making of Venetian Culture
Chair: Thomas N. Tentler, University of Michigan

"Preparing Himself Like a Good Christian for the Way to Heaven:" Tintoretto's Mocking of Christ
James D. Clifton, Director, Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation

Marco Boschini's Validity as an Interpreter of Venetian Tradition
Mitchell Merling, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal

Venice Reflected in an English Setting: Translating Goldoni's La Pamela
Donald C. McManus, graduate student, University of Michigan

8 pm Angell Hall
Auditorium B
Opening Lecture
Sharing a Love of Art: The Collection of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation
James D. Clifton
Reception following, Museum of Art

Saturday 12 October
9 am - noon Angell Hall
Auditorium B
Session II: Circulation and Exchange - Economies of Status
Chair: Raymond Grew, University of Michigan

The Crisis of Marriage as a Crisis of State
Jutta Sperling, Hampshire College

Contemplation, Collecting and Status in Early 16th-Century Venice:
Lorenzo Lotto's Portrait of the cittadino Andrea Odoni
Monika Schmitter, graduate student, University of Michigan

The Stage as Mirror of Society: Ballroom Scenes in 17th-Centurey Venetian Opera
Irene Alm, Rutgers University

Inventing a Heretic: Gossip and the Circulation of the Spoken Word
Elizabeth Horodowicz, graduate student, University of Michigan

2-5 pm Session III: "Grand Tours" - Venice in Europe
Chair: Philip Jacks, Univeristy of Michigan

Crossing the Alps: Albrecht Durer's Landscape Watercolors and Venice
Katy Luber, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Fashioning a World from the Piazza San Marco: The Costume Book of Cesare Vecellio
Diane Owen Hughes, University of Michigan

Venice Refracted: Venice and the Venetian in 18th-Century England and Germany
Allen Reddick, University of Zurich

Muses on the Move: Amigoni and Farinelli In and Out of Venice
Leslie Hennessey, University of Michigan

7 pm Musueum of Art Pre-Concert Lecture
Barbara Strozzi and Her Contemporaries
Louise Stein, University of Michigan
(open to concert ticket holders only)

8 pm Museum of Art Songs, Motets and Cantatas by Barbara Strozzi
The Harp Consort
Tickets $20 ($15 students), advance purchase recommended
Ticket Information: (313) 647-0521

Sunday 13 October
9 am - noon Angell Hall
Auditorium B
Session IV: Venetian Identity - Representation and Reception
Chair: Alison Cornish, University of Michigan

Publicity and Poetry c. 1550: Titian, Tintoretto, Schiavone, and the Promoting of Venetian Art
Mary Pardo, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

History and Fantasy in Legends of Veronica: The Construction of Veronica Franco as Venice's Heroine Poet
Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College

Messalina and Operatic Eroticism in 17th-Century Venice
Wendy Heller, Brandeis University

Concluding Remarks
Edward Muir, Northwestern University

Sunday Related Events
2 pm Recital Hall
School of Music
"Stearns Collection of Musical Instruments Lecture"
"This Republic of Strings"
Andrew Lawrence-King, harp (Acedemie fur Altemusik, Bremen)

2 pm Trueblood Theater
Frieze Building
Pamela a play by Carlo Goldini, translated by Donald C. Mc Manus
Sponsored by the Dept. of Theater and Drama, University of Michigan School of Music
Tickets $14 at door as available
Call (313) 764-0450 for advance purchase and for additional performance times

For further information on all events, call 764-5400