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The Color Slide project was a non-profit project supported by foundations, institutions, and individuals. From 1974 through December 2006, the ACSAA Color Slide Project provided high quality color slides of the art and architecture of India and other South and Southeast Asian countries (Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan) to individuals and institutions for teaching and research purposes around the world. The Color Slide Project was discontinued in December 2006. ACSAA images are digitally available through ARTstor.

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To receive permission to use these images and/or files for commercial use or publication, the user must first request and receive prior written permission by contacting the concerned museum, private collection or photographer and the ACSAA Color Slide Project, c/o the Department of the History of Art, 519 S. State St, 50 Tappan Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1357.

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