Welcome to The Expository Writing Program (EWP)! The Expository Writing Program, a University of Michigan-sponsored program, is designated to operate in two distinct ways which include a web site and face-to-face tutoring. The first component is an interactive web site that will focus on providing students with high interest supplemental material to compliment the information covered in their classes, on- line tutoring, and activities to build the expository skills of students. The exercises will include constructing interesting and exciting academic expository texts as well as functional texts like resumes, statements of purpose, and business reports. The second component of the EWP consists of on site tutoring/mentoring between the student and a pre-service teacher or a Peer Tutor, from the University of Michigan. The Peer Tutors will guide the students as they develop individual portfolios comprised of original expository essays, technical progress reports, and other professional documents reflecting the style and content of real world work examples.

This web site is filled with exercises and activities that will help build the oral and written expository skills of students for academic as well as workplace success. The site also includes information covering topics such as democracy, economics, and global issues. Once you have gained a grasp of those areas then you will find many links to other web sites in order to provide you with an infinite amount of information regarding social studies and literacy. We hope that you find everything you are looking for and more. Please feel free to email any questions, concerns or comments about the website to jcooks@umich.edu.



If you would like to see some samples of student work, please see the "Page of Props!."