Circumlocution Pattern

Genre: Personal Letter
Audience: Friend
Purpose: Inform
Topic: Plans


[1] I can still remember when we where freshmen and we planned to take a trip to Mexico. As soon as either one of us learned to drive we were gonna take off south of the border. I've been looking forward to it for three years and that's why I'm so disappointed that we can't go. It's just that I know that we're gonna have to be shelling out the big bucks for our senior (year). I mean, with the prom, grad-night, pictures, etc.

[2] Speaking of learning to drive, when are we going to get our licenses? I thought I was bad because I took safety education and drivers training in November 1988. But you're worse. If I'm not mistaken, you took them both in June, '88. So I'm jammin' compared to you. I guess we're both just too lazy to go down to the DMV.

[3] Speaking of lazy, I don't want to work mornings. I hate having to get up early just to feed cinnamon rolls to grouchy, half-awake, old people. I'd rather keep working afternoons and evenings when all the gorgeous guys drop in on their lunch breaks...