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When you are old enough to vote will you?

My answer is yes because when I'm old enough to vote I will. I always wanted to vote and to have the vote count .We vote at school but it doesn't really count like it does at the elections.Some people are old enough to vote but they don't exercise that right to vote. If someone gets picked to be president and they don't like the person they shouldn't be nagging about the president because they didn't vote for either person. So when I'm old enough to vote at the age of 18 I will exercise that right to vote.

Do I believe my vote will make a difference?

Yes I believe my vote will make a difference because every vote counts.I will have the right to nag because I voted for that person.

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When Im old enough to vote,Yes I will vote just because it will make me feel

like im making a difference even though I know im not. People think their vote is counting but its not one person can make a difference out of all the people in the U.S.A.When I am old enough to vote Im only going to vote for president and governor because I heard that you can vote for other things too but why would you vote for something you don't even Know about.

But other than that that's all I have to say about voting and why I don't think we should vote.


When your old enough to vote will you vote? Y or N.why?

Yes.because I want a chance to know what kind of person that is in office and what they stand for also they need to keep there promise to protect and serve the people of the United States of America. While there looking for the best interest of the people during there term in office.

Do you believe that your vote makes an difference? why?

No I don't believe that my vote counts because when the government is corrupt enough to murder their own president . That shows you that they will put who they want into office as long as the people allow them to. Then they will pass laws that the people really don't want pushed into there lives. Mean while they will abridge and destroy peoples right to bear arms like if a man breaks into another adults home and the person wakes up they find a person invading there home so they shoot them in self defense and the criminal sue the owner. So they are not in the wrong as long as the government allows then to do so.



When you are old enough to vote,will you?

Do you believe that your vote will make a difference?


I will vote because I will have my say so in decision making and different laws. It will make a big difference if I vote, because every vote counts and the vote that I might vote may predict the future.

It gives me the right to voice my opinion,which means that I have say so in lots of things. If i did not vote I might be happy with the decisions that was,but if I do vote and my and it does not make a difference at least I know that I voted.I'm going to vote because I had to wait all these years to vote and to put my say in why not vote.The biggest mistake I could make is not to vote.One disadvantage about voting it seems like the majority of the time the vote does not count but it does so I will vote.



When you are old enough will you vote?

I want to be able to have some say in who is going to be in office when I get old enough. Because I don't want any old crack head off the streets being the president of the united states. Example: If I didn't I would be yelling if the person that I thought should have got elected and he didn't I would feel that I should have voted and made a difference.

Do you believe your vote will make a difference ?

Yes, every vote counts because if you think that your vote doesn't and everyone feels like that then no one will get elected. Example: There would be no votes because no one believed that their vote counted.



1.When I get old enough will I vote? Why?

Yes, I will vote because I will be expressing myself,by voting for what I believe in and what I feel is right.Another reason I would vote because , its my right and its my why waste the time.Also, because the people now don't speak for themselves.Another reason I would vote is because so many people sit and complain but never stand up to get their points across and will never be heard .I also feel that maybe if they see someone else making or going that extra mile to express themselves ,maybe they would join in with them.

2.Do you believe that your vote will make a difference?

Yes,because every vote counts.Also ,because there is so many things that I could vote for and in some way it bring up the percentage.