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Abernethy, B, et al. The Biological Foundations of Human Movement. Second Edition. Human Kinetics Press. 2005

Movement Science (MOVESCI) 110

Guided Notes

In addition to the powerpoint slides, these "Guided notes" can assist you in organizing your note taking for this class. Be sure to write down key points, major theories and facts stressed in class. If the professor repeats information, you can bet it's important and will appear on the test.

You may wish to read this one-page guide about how to take notes.

General Guidelines For Note Taking

Lecture #1 Guided Notes Introduction to Science
Lecture #2 Guided Notes- Origins of Exercise Physiology
Lecture #3 Guided Notes - Professional Exercise Physiology
Lecture #4 Guided Notes - Measurement of Human Energy Expenditure
Lecture #5 Guided Notes - Human Energy Transfer Basics
Lecture #6 Guided Notes- Evaluating Energy Generating Capacities
Lecture #7 Guided Notes - Training the Energy Systems
Lecture #8 Guided Notes- Training Muscles to Become Stronger
Lecture #9 Guided Notes - Body Composition and Weight Control
Lecture #10 Guided Notes - Physiological Capacity Across the Life Span
Lecture #11 Guided Notes - Health, Disease, Aging and Exercise
Lecture #12 Guided Notes- Q &A /Review/Katch-up