Endangered Species UPDATE

November/December 1997  

From the Editor 

Changes in the Endangered Species UPDATE 

  • by M. Elsbeth McPhee

Featured Articles 

Ships Passing in the Night: Current Prospects for Reauthorization of the Endangered Species Act 

  • by Roger Platt

Roadblocks to Reauthorization: The Latest Controversies in the ESA Debate 

  • by Sara Barth


Should Humans Destroy Smallpox? 

  • by Frances Tain

AZA Species Survival Plan Profile 

The Snow Leopard 

  • by Dan Wharton


New England Aquarium scientist awarded Pew Fellowship in Conservation and the Environment 

U.S. Secretary of Education praises Columbus Zoo 

Woodland Park Zoo receives donation from Boeing to support raptor conservation 

Endangered Species Bulletin 

U.S. International Conservation Programs

"Boxscore" for Endangered Species Listings and Recovery Plans

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Link to the USFWS's Endangered Species Bulletin

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