Endangered Species

March/April 1997

Featured Articles

Where are Endangered Species Found in the United States?

  • by Jon Paul Rodriguez, W. Mark Roberts, and Andy Dobson

Evaluating the Proposed Canadian Endangered Species Act

  • by Catherine Austen

Spider Conservation in the United States

  • by Kevin L. Skerl

AZA Taxon Advisory Group Profile


  • by Jill Mellen and David Wildt


Project Betampona: Lemures Re-stocking Project

Multiple-Use Forest Study Funded in Sabah, Malaysia

Life Magazine Features AZA's Species Survival Plan

Recent Publications

Beyond the Ark: Tools for an Ecosystem Approach to Conservation

  • written by W. William Weeks

Prairie Conservation: Preserving North America's most Endangered Ecosystem

  • edited by Fred B. Samson and Fritz L. Knopf

Globally Threatened Birds in Europe: Action Plans

  • edited by Borja Heredia, Laurence Rose, and Mary Painter

Endangered Species Bulletin

Conserving Native Plant Species

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