Professional Reference Shelf

The professional reference shelf contains two types of information.

  1. Material that is important to the practicing engineer, although it is typically not included in the majority of chemical reaction engineering courses. A short synopsis of each of the following topics is given at the appropriate point in the text. These sections are:

    1. Photographs of real reactors
    2. Recycle reactors
    3. Weighted least squares
    4. Experimental planning
    5. Laboratory reactors
    6. Inhibition and cofactors in enzymatic reactors
    7. Bifurcation analysis
    8. Wet and dry etching of semiconductors
    9. Catalytic monoliths
    10. Wire gauze reactors
    11. Trickle bed reactors
    12. Fluidized bed reactors
    13. CVD boat reactors
  2. Material that gives a more detailed explanation of derivations that were abbreviated in the text. The intermediate steps to these derivations are given on the DVD:

    a) First order reaction in a semi-batch reactor
    b) Temperature-conversion relationship for an adiabatic reactor
    c) Aris-Taylor dispersion

    You can browse to the Professional Reference Shelf of the chapter you want by clicking the corresponding link below:

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