Reaction Engineering Students Around the World

No matter where you go, from Australia to Zimbabwe, chemical reaction engineering is indeed one of the core topics of any chemical engineering education. Although the subject material is the same across cultural boundaries, the language of instruction and the type of student vary widely. Here are a few of the diverse range of students that we have encountered that share your keen interest in chemical reaction engineering:

In Alaska, pipeline workers enjoy studying reaction engineering in the evening, just before going to bed. Of course, in the Yukon, evening can last for a few months, so these guys really know their kinetics.

Down under, in Australia, reaction engineering is a common discussion topic among the socially elite. One can often join an animated kinetics discussion before going to the National Opera, while enjoying a tasty Vegemite sandwich.

Egyptians have long known the importance of reaction engineering. No, this copy of Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering was not found in the tomb of King Tut-Ankh-Amon. But the curators of the tomb must know the chemistry and kinetics involved in the degradation of those beautiful tomb paintings.

Some say that the Sphinx speaks in riddles in the shadow of the pyramids. Of course, anyone with a bacground in reaction engineering will be able handle its riddles hands down.

In England, reaction engineering is a required course in the Performing Arts program at London's West End U.

A trip to the great oudoors in northern Michigan is a treat for any city slicker. Of course, roughing it without any of the comforts of home can be difficult for some. Having along some enlightening reading material can put the mind and body at ease.

In Thailand, students of reptilian behavior learn about the pharmacokinetics of snake venom in the human central nervous system. Professor Fogler getting some instruction on kinetics from one of the locals

In India, reaction engineering is a required before visit the Taj Mahal .

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