The General Role of Neighborhoods in Chicago

Black Neighborhoods
Polish Neighborhoods
Mexican Neighborhoods
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  • According to the Chicago School of Sociology, the neighborhood was a "...mosaic of social worlds segregated like plants in a garden." 4. They also describe these worlds as existing in competition with each other.
  • Many immigrants were left without a sense of belonging or security when arriving in Chicago, and for them, ethnic neighborhood were a way in which they could regain those neccessities, along with maintaining their cultural pride and traditions.
  • Black neighborghoods were the only areas that were physically segregated, however other cultural groups often practiced self-segregation, especially in the first generation.
  • While other ethnic groups were certainly subject to prejudice and discrimination, black neighborhoods received the brunt of white supremacist actions. "Crimes such as the Bigger Thomas murders could be lessened by segregating all Negroes...Residential segregation is imperative. Such measures tend to keep them as much as possible out of contact with white women and lessen their attacks against them."5