Sherwood AndersonSherwood Anderson is one of the most influential Midwestern authors of the 20th century. His most famous work is Winesburg, Ohio. This book is a collection of short stories centered around one small Midwestern town that reveals the residents' dark secrets, lost dreams, and misfortunes through their own eyes. The book is one of the first novels to shatter the peaceful image of rural life in the Midwest and because of this content, Winesburg, Ohio was quite controversial when it was released. Anderson’s raw exploration of the insecurities and inadequacies that are felt in small Midwestern towns was so realistic that the citizen’s of Anderson’s hometown, Clyde, Ohio were outraged, but they were not the only ones. The book allowed readers everywhere to get a glimpse of the truth of rural America and it was not pretty. It was a way for Sherwood Anderson to express his frustrations and disappointment of his own experience with small town life. Anderson’s work today is celebrated, not only because of his unique literary technique, but also because of the veracity that he revealed about Midwestern small town life.

Winesburg, Ohio book coverThe purpose of this site is to explore some of the many notions of Midwestern life that Sherwood Anderson depicted in Winesburg, Ohio and examine the impact of those Midwestern characteristics on the literary elements in Anderson’s most infamous work. In addition to investigating Anderson’s biography in relation to Winesburg, Ohio, this website will also consider the significance of Sherwood Anderson’s work on some other great American authors, William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway. There are almost 40 published works by Anderson.




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