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Hands on the Planet 2006 Pictures

Who we are

Environmental Action (EnAct) is the oldest environmental organization at the University of Michigan. We create and implement projects that promote sustainability on campus and improve our local and global environment, one Action at a time. To join EnAct, or to find out more about us, stop by one of our meetings. We meet every Wednesday in the Dana Commons at 8 pm.


Fall Winter 06-07 campaigns

Cool People Love Recycling - Many landlords do not provide recycle bins to their tenants, and as a result, many student houses do not recycle. We are trying to persuade landlords to provide recycling bins to their tenants by going to their offices and talking with them, we are also in the process of organizing tenant phone-ins to landlord offices.

Environmental Education- We are starting an environmental education program where we will teach fifth grade students about a variety of ecological issues.

Make Love, Not CO2 -We are starting a campaign to encourage students to limit their CO2 emissions by providing examples of simple ways students can decrease their energy usage. Students will sign commitment forms that state they will try to limit their CO2 emissions by adopting some of these behaviors.

Recycled Notebooks- We will be selling recycled notebooks throughout the semester. They are made from used cereal boxes and reused paper.

Hands on the Planet – a part of Spring Earthweek 2007 at the University of Michigan

What we've accomplished

        We have collected over 400 signatures to send to Jennifer Granholm to persuade her to force DOW Chemical Company to clean up their dioxin waste along the Tittibiwassee River in Midland, Michigan!

        Helped convince University of Michigan Board of Regents to approve a LEED certified design of Motts Childrens’ Hospital.

        Organized an annual Earth Week to bring environmental issues to the attention of the campus.

        In 2003 we started a campaign to promote awareness and get more organic locally grown food in the UM dormitories.

        Earth Week 2002 pictures.

        Took part in a nationwide protest against Home Depot to stop them from selling products made from old-growth wood. As a result of these protests, Home Depot has agreed to stop selling old growth!


Current EnAct News

o       LEED Certified Childrens’ Hospital – Childrens’ Hospital of Pittsburg

o       Info on LEED Certification

o       Green Gift Ideas in Ann Arbor and Online

        o       Victoria's Dirty Secret





Other Important Links



/p>   href="http://www.savethearctic.com">Save the Arctic


Other Important Links



/p>   href="http://www.savethearctic.com">Save the Arctic

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  • Free the Planet
  • Save the Arctic


    /p>   href="http://www.savethearctic.com">Save the Arctic

      n-bottom-alt: auto;mso-list:l4 level1 lfo9;tab-stops:list .5in'>Save the Arctic



    /p>   href="http://www.savethearctic.com">Save the Arctic