After completing Chapter 10 of the text and associated CD ROM material the reader will be able to:
  • Define a catalyst, a catalytic mechanism and a rate limit step.
  • Describe the steps in a catalytic mechanism and how one goes about deriving a rate law and a mechanism and rate limiting step consistent with the experimental data.
  • Use Regression to discriminate between reaction rate laws and mechanisms.
  • Size isothermal reactors for reactions with Langmuir-Hinschelwood kinetics.
  • Discuss the different types of catalyst deactivation and the reactor types and describe schemes that can help offset the deactivation.
  • Analyze catalyst decay and conversion for CSTRs and PFRs with temperature-time trajectories, moving bed reactors, and straight through transport reactors.
  • Describe the steps in Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD).

By Chapter:

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