Learning Resources

  1. Summary Notes
    1. Octane Rating
    2. Steps in Catalytic Reaction
    3. Rate Limiting Step
    4. Regulation for Auto Exhaust Emissions
    5. Chemical Vapor Deposition
    6. Types of Catalyst Deactivation
    7. Temperature - Time Trajectories
    8. Moving Bed Reactors & Straight Through Transport Reactors
  1. Interactive Computer Module
    1. Heterogeneous Catalysis
  2. Solved Problems
    1. Example CD10-1 Analysis of a Heterogeneous Reaction [Class Problem, Winter 1997]
    2. Example CD10-2 Least-Squares Analysis to Determine Rate Law Parameters k, KT, and KB (Example 6-2 in 2nd Edition)
    3. Example CD10-3 Decay in a Straight-Through Reactor
    4. Example CD10-4 Catalyst Poisoning in a Constant-Volume Batch Reactor