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The wedding dress you will wear will probably be much different from the past, as it will be much different from the ones women will wear in the future.  For the late 18th century, women should chose their wedding dress in such a way that it can be worn later in life.  Since women dresses are expensive and difficult to obtain, you will want to have your dress designed in a way that can be worn again 50.

    In order to be a fashionable lady of the late 18th century, you can either wear a wedding dress that is white, silver, or blue.  At this time, all three colors are common among brides.  From the beginning of the Blue Wedding Dresses were quite popular 18th century to the end, the fashion style of a women's wedding dress has not changed much.  However, it has been predicted that white will be the only popular color starting sometime in the 19th century and will only be worn once.  In addition to color, your dress should have elbow-length sleeves with falling cuffs, and have lots of pleats in the back of the dress 51.

   Your groom may wish to consult his local tailor for advise for his wedding attire, but nonetheless there are certain guidelines he should follow.  For the most part, most bridegrooms will want to match their bride in that they are elegantly dressed in splendor fashion.  Most men wear silk suits for the occasion with an embroidered waistcoat.  These too are usually worn at events in addition to the wedding.



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