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Embracing Traditions: 

The Wedding Ceremony

Nowadays your wedding ceremony will most likely take place in an English Church.  At the beginning of the century wedding arrangements were much easier to take place.  For example, a couple could get married in such places as a Ship Tavern, or even a prison.  As you can probably see, this is not appropriate according to the Church of England, and they will not recognize your marriage if it occurs in such a scandalous fashion.  Hence, if you want to acquire a marriage license that is recognized by the Church of England, you need to have your ceremony occur in an official Church.48

When you make your way up to the Alter, the priest will read many scriptures from The Bible emphasizing the love of Christ. Although you are probably excited about the idea of marriage and how you will spend the rest of your life with your future husband, you need to be aware of the religious implications of your marriage.  For when you get married, you not only are making a pact with your husband, you are making a pact with the Lord and Church of England. 49  Wedding invitations have become Sample Wedding Invitationvery popular over the past few years because parents want to honor your new assembly with the Lord. Your wedding is a special event that you will not only share with your husband and parents, but with those close to you. You will say your vows in front of your family, friends, and other gentlemen and women who have come to see everlasting spirit between two people. If you break your marriage vows later on in life, you will be jeopardizing your relationship with the Lord. The priest will want to make sure that you understand that you are your spouse’s intent for marriage is absolutely indissoluble and that you understand why you are getting married. Some of these reasons include for purposes of procreation of children under the Holy name, and for the benefit of society in that you can increase prosperity through birth.


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