Ladies, if you think it's hard to find a man today, thank your lucky stars you weren't alive during the Eighteenth Century. Impressing a man didn't just entail a slender body and an alcoholic beverage, but it also relied on the most uplifting bustier, the proper way to twist your salad on a fork, the right amount of eye contact when speaking with a man, and figuring out just how to execute a proper curtsy on the dance floor. And if any of these aspects were insufficient, you were doomed to live your life as an old maid. Pretty scary, huh!! But don't you fret, ladies of the Eighteenth Century, because help is on the way.

As ladies who find it hard enough to find men of their own, we have formed this site in order to ensure that you can sweep the man of your dreams off his feet. By no means are we experts on this subject, but through extensive research and hands-on experience, we have formed an interactive guide that we think will aide you in your quest for Mr. Right. Here we go...



If you are on your way to a ball right now and don't have time to go through the whole guide, you can click on any of the following buttons to go directly to the page in the guide where you think you might need a few reminders!

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