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This books gives it's readers a better understanding of the deeper meanings of the works of Hogarth. It serves as a roadmap to understanding the intriciate details of Hogarth's beautiful pieces.

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Instead of a focus on satire like in the previous book used by Hallett, this book focuses on the criticisms of interpretations of Hogarth's pieces.

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This article discusses the link between Hogarth's paintings and the British society in which he resided.

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This website groups Hogarth's works into similar groups and explains the details of each for the on-looker.

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This book gives an account of the different works Hogarth did in his lifetime grouped together into common themes and describes the way they relate and the meaning behind each.

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This site gives a brief bibliographical background on William Hogarth's life.

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This article tells of the negative aspects of London society. It then goes even further to show how Hogarth represents this in his art. There is also a brief description of the kind of like Hogarth lived.

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Both of these volumes give a picture and description of each of Hogarth's pieces (paintings, engravings, etc.) along with a brief interpretation of the meaning of each.

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The books consisted of essays writen about eighteenth century culture and themes.


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