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First Course
Oyster Sauce Fowls (To Roast Geese, Turkeys, etc.) Vegetable (Fricasse of Turnips)
Fish (Carps in Corbullion) Soup (White Soup) Roasted or broiled beef (Roast ribs)
Spinage Bacon Vegetable (Salad with Dressing)

Second Course
Creams (Ice-Cream) Pastry (Petit Pasties) Cauliflowers
Ragoût à la Francaise Cream (Pyramid Creams) Game (Fricandos of Veal)
Celery (Ragoo of Celery with Wine) Macaroni Pastry (Vegetable Pie)

Walnuts Cakes: 
Rout Drop Cakes 
Ratafia Cakes 
Little Iced Cakes
Raisins and Almonds
Apples Pears Oranges

    "Oh sweetness, oh sugar, oh dearest gift
    Delivered to us from foreign lands!
    Death to anyone, mean or stupid,
    Who would prize you less, oh vital sugar!
    Death to whoever would daringly venture
    To make, without you, either pastilles or tarts.

    Though weary, hoarse and rusty
    By taking you, one's voice grows clear;
    The tender peach and bitter walnut
    Are both by you candied and coated
    So hostile winter can do no harm
    By making their flesh too tough or soft;
    And the green pistachio, befriended by you,
    Is turned into white immortal candy.

    From Virginia and from Caracas,
    The Moluccas and far Macao,
    Others wait for cinnamon,
    Vanilla, coccoa and carnations;
    And that which modern noses yearn,
    Like Helen searching for Menelaus,
    Powder from Brazil and Havana,
    Soft subtle and sweetly scented…"

    Poem by Giovambatista Roberti
    (Camporesi, Exotic Brew, p. 158)

Sample of one course at a dinner party, (Lane, Jane Austen and Ford, p. 24)

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