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Carrie Bradshaw:


The "IT" Girl


There is no one who captures the dramatic lives of the lovelorn better than our very own, Carrie Bradshaw. Inspired by the life experiences of her four best friends and marked by an incredible introspection that transcends the likes of her own time, Carrie's writing never disappoints her readers. Carrie's writing is primarily characterized by an undeniable tone of honesty, as she is never afraid to delve into the risky depths of delicate or controversial subjects. She covers a myriad of female-centric topics, ranging from columns that promote sexual independence, to those which expose the strength in securing one's own emotional dependence. Whether she chooses to focus on the trends of New York City's premier fashion district, to address the "what if" questions that every woman faces in relationships, or even to unveil the awkward habits of her latest romantic endeavor, Carrie's column is always accessible to female readers everywhere.

After taking a brief hiatus in Paris to enjoy some down-time with her sexy ex-lover, Alex Petrovsky, Carrie is finally back to work! With the recent publishing of her new book comprised of her favorite past columns, her career is finally where it should be: front and center. Seeing as her fans just can't seem to get enough of our very own "it" girl, Carrie is allowing her book entitled Sex and the City to be published everywhere from London to New York. One would think that after such success Carrie would simply quit while she's ahead, and continue on with a new and exciting life in Paris. However, she's not quite done sharing all of her many revelations. In the words of Carrie herself, "my tireless dedication to my fans has been instrumental in my success. Therefore, I owe it to them to continue doing what I do best...contemplating the meaning of love, the meaning of different relationships, and especially the meaning of the men that often interrupt the freedom we find in an independent lifestyle."

Her endless research and realizations have spawned not only an increasingly cynical view of love within her writing, but it has also made her open to the possibility that, even amongst all of her inner and outer turmoil, she can still find love. And as many would suspect from an independent woman who has her eyes set on a goal, she has managed to find it in the arms of the man she affectionately calls, "Mr. Big." Although she claims that marriage is not in her near future, she still continues to give her readers hope that someday, even amongst their ruins, they too will find true love.




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