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I am one of those unfortunate gentlemen who is afflicted with the tendency towards self-pollution. After considerable inquiry, I have become confused about what consequences my affliction might hold for the future, as well as what the potential cures may be. I'm so confused!

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or, The Heinous SIN of SELF-POLLUTION,


All its frightful consequences (in both sexes) considered with spiritual and physical advice to those who have already injured themselves by this abominable practice.

As also the EIGHTH EDITION of the SUPPLEMENT to it, both of them revised and enlarged, and now printed together in one volume.

And as the several passages in the former impressions, that have been charged with being obscure and ambiguous, are in these cleared up and explained, there will be no more alterations or additions made to them. These editions contain some further and surprising instances of the mischief by that filthy, sinful commerce with oneself, which is so notoriously practised, as well by the adult as youth, women as men, married as single, to the weakening of their generative faculties, and hindering procreation as their letters of complaint to the author herein inserted, shew. And, amongst others, a curious letter from a lady, with his answer to it concerning the use and abuse of the marriage-bed; together with divers casuistical and other letters from both sexes, of some secret unnatural effeminacies, necessary to be known by the married and single of each sex."-- The Weekly Journal, 1 February, 1724


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These are the most common disorders that ensue from the excessive use of Venery, and the preposterous practice of self-pollution, for the cure of which I have two medicines which I shall recommend; the first, which answers the first intention of cure, the stopping of gonorrhea, is my STRENGTHENING ELECTUARY, which braces up and strengthens the weakened and relaxed solids, warms and invigorates the habit, promotes digestion, and thereby furnishes the dispirited and impoverished blood, with laudable and benign chyle.

The other medicine is my RESTORATIVE NERVOUS ELIXIR, which is perhaps the most stimulating restorative that medicine can produce, and in the last decays of life, will supply the vital lamp with some recruits; it is good in all langours, weakness, and decays of the constitution, for it strengthens all parts of the body, especially the stomach, when relaxed and disordered with frequent debauchese, and by restoring the oscillation of the fibres, quickens the various motions, and gives fresh vigor to the animal functions. It is an admirable remedy for those who have been in a manner wore out with venereal engagements, especially if their pleasures have been purchased at the expence of a few salivations, or a frequent use of mercurial medicines, and it will revive any constitution that is not quite mouldered in rottenness." (1)