• The City of FORBIDDEN Love
    This site explores the homosexual community in 18th century England and the compromises which arose due to the presence of religion and public perception.
    (Laura Flyer and Julia Shih)

  • Dating Guidelines: Conduct Manuals and Their Influence on Relationships Between Men and Women
    Set up as a new dating guide for the hopeless, our website serves to acquaint modern users with Eighteenth century style conduct as a last-ditch effort to find a date. We provide primary sources and an explanation of their relevancy today, as well as a checklist, quiz, and bibliography.
    (Jessica Coen and Mike Breymann)

  • The English Bride: The Eighteenth-Century Gentlewoman's Guide to Marriage
    Our site is designed to resemble a bridal magazine in which we include many interesting pictures, articles, and other extras about marriage in eighteenth-century England. The bridal magazine was merely a way to present the information that we had in a creative and fun way. We hope you enjoy it!
    (Ani Shehigian Emily Fox Karolyn Kokko)

  • Female Emotions in the Eighteenth Century
    Have you ever wondered why women are portrayed as irrational, emotional creatures while men are seen as knowledgable individuals in Eighteenth Century England? This website explores the emotional characteristics of women during this time. Social changes that influenced the portrayal of women are discussed. Scenarios are presented that depict women as restrained, weak, impassioned, and nurturing and are responded to by the feminist voice of Mary Wollstonecraft.

    (Mary Beth Simpson and Kiran Thakur)

  • Female Journalism: From the Eighteenth Century to Today
    This project presents a mock newspaper journal which creatively explores
    eighteenth century journalism, while also comparing it to journalism of the
    modern day. Within this site, comparisons are drawn between the esteemed
    eighteenth century female journalist, ELiza Haywood, with the work of the
    fictitious Sex and the City columnist, Carrie Bradshaw. Just as any women's
    journal of modern-day times, this site incorporates such amenities as a
    "Letters To The Editor" page, as well as a "most Frequently Asked Questions"
    page, creating a fun and unique web experience for every visitor. We hope you
    thoroughly enjoy our site!

    (Chelsea Kroll, Elise Ray, Kara Rosella, and Richard Segal)

  • The Female Tatler
    A survey of the eighteenth-century periodical the Female Tatler, this site explores a variety of issues surrounding both its production and consumption including marketing, publication history, and the various themes discussed by the periodical itself. Enter this site and experience the literary life of an eighteenth-century reader . . .
    (Latha Reddy and Rebecca Gershenson Smith)

  • Lesbianism in Eighteenth-Century Literature
    This site discovers the prevalence of lesbianism in 18th century literature by focusing on three books. It also gives some background information on women in that time period.
    (Lauren Lark, Jen Barill, and Guilyn Marose)

  • Make Your Way as a Woman in Eighteenth-Century England
    As a woman in England during the 18th century, you must make several choices about your life. You will need to decide whether or not you would like to remain single or get married, become a wife or a mother, even whether or not you would like to become a domestic servant or a prostitute. As you navigate through these choices you will learn more about the different roles that women performed during this period.
    (Lora David and Carrie S. Bryant)

  • Mary Wollstonecraft: The Political as Personal
    This webpage is devoted to the politics of Mary Wollstonecraft, feminist author of the 18th-Century. Unlike other Wollstonecraft websites, however, this homepage has a specific focus centering on the personal application of her philosophies and politics to her very own life.
    (Dorothy McGivney, Jennifer Ellis, and Jennifer Mahler)

  • The Quest for Mr. Right
    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a woman during the Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a woman during the Eighteenth Century? Well, congratulations! Today is your lucky day. You are about to embark on a journey to a formal ball as an eighteenth-century upper-class woman in search of a husband. You will choose your dress, table manners, dancing etiquette, and even the specific man you want to pursue. And if you play your cards right in each category, there is not doubt that you will end up with Mr. Right as the evening comes to a close. So let's get this party started!
    (Stacie Koby Emily Neenan Samantha Sugar Leah Zaiger)

  • Rebel Magazine: Rebellious Women in the 18th Century
    In our "Back In Time" Issue, we at Rebel Magazine went back to the 18th Century and interviewed, observed and just hung out with women who went against the status quo. We found the beliefs of these women similiar to those of open-minded people in our contemporary society. So, pick up your copy of Rebel Magazine at our site today!
    (Lashonda Butler, Sarah Leonard, Lindsay Ott)

  • Secret Society of British Gentlewomen
    Women in the Eighteenth Century sure could have used an underground information site like this one. Here you can find out why they needed such resources, how women writers of the time were making strides in women's position, and how friendship became an important part of all of this. Read some of the works of Eliza Haywood, Delarivier Manley, and Katherine Philip, explore the challenges of female friendship, and get educated about women--The Secret Society of British Gentlewomen has all that and more!
    (Noel Rozny and Margaret Vincent)

  • Who Wants to be a Perfect Mother?
    This site provides a comprehensive overview of the role of mothers throughout eighteenth century England. As a fun, interactive game, expectant mothers can learn the proper ways to rear their child, as recommended by us. Topics range from childbirth and breastfeeding to swaddling and proper nutrition. Mothers who answer the questions correctly receive prizes relevant to eighteenth century life. It is our hope that we inform pregnant women of the joys and sorrows of being a mother. (This is a fun learning experience for all people, whether or nothope that we inform pregnant women of the joys and sorrows of being a mother. (This is a fun learning experience for all people, whether or not they are expecting!)
    ( Liz Lincolnhol, Lindsey Gambill, and A.J.D.)

  • Women Writers of Eighteenth-Century England
    Our goal in creating this site was to provide samples of significant women who shaped eighteenth-century English literature. Included in these pages are nine such women, including Fanny Burney and Hester Thrale. For each, we provided biographical information and selected works. On one of the main are nine such women, including Fanny Burney and Hester Thrale. For each, we provided biographical information and selected works. On one of the main pages, we've written a summary detailing society's view of women and their writing during this time. We've also designed a timeline, which broadly outlines the literary history of eighteenth-century England so that readers will be able to compare the life and works of these women with those of better known, male authors. As a final treat, we've added a 'conversations' page. This discusses the friendships and groups that many of these women formed with one another. From here, the reader can choose from three links to listen in on a "mock conversation" that these women might have.
    (Naomi Latva, Brad Painter, Alex J. Pfund)



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