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Here are some photos of the gang!
Click a photo to see it full-sized.

Beth and Star, a Therapeutic Riding horse
Alex and Yu-chi
Therese Roth and
Pat Lenderman
Carrie Rheingans
and Erin Conlon
Beth Smiley and Star, a Therapeutic Riding horse
Alex Chong, a Fulbright scholar from Malaysia, and Yu-chi Shen
Amanda Cleveland
and Hal Gunder
Alex Chong, Poorna Ram, and Matt Flynn at one of our fun lab lunches
Barald lab members after Therese's thesis defense
The Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB), "pringle" auditorium side
The changing seasons as seen out of our BSRB lab window Naweah Attia and Hal Gunder Therese Roth with her thesis defense cake and the flowers Kate bought The BSRB with the "Flame of Wisdom" scupture (our lab is on this side of the building, near where the traffic light is seen)
Barald Lab-January 2004 Therese Roth and
Amanda Cleveland
 Barald Lab sitting in Maya Lin's "Wave Field" sculpture on North Campus Pizza Party
Therese Roth, Kate Barald, and
Amanda Cleveland in Prague
The Maya Lin Wave Field on North Campus The Devil and Kate Barald! Therese Roth in Prague for the  6th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, July 2003
Paul Letourneau,
(University of Minnesota)
and Kate Barald on Prague Boat trip at the IBRO symposium
Rosalia Mendez-Otero (Instituto de Biofisica Carlos Chagas Filho, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Amanda Cleveland, Therese Roth, Kate Barald at an IBRO gala dinner in Prague, July 2003 Barald Lab with Hippocrates
September 2004
Barald Lab at Grizzly Peak September 2004


Fumi Ebisu, Amanda Cleveland, Beth Smiley Poorna Ramamurthy, Therese Roth and Yu-chi Shen Kate Barald and Marsha Ousman celebrate results Kate cutting her birthday cake while Marsha Ousman Blauwkamp waits Poorna Ramamurthy holds Austin Gill (Therese Roth's grandson) while Fumi Ebisu, Yu-chi Shen, and Beth Smiley look on
Kate Barald putting the Ph.D. hood on Therese Roth at the Winter 2007 commencement Therese Roth and Francis Collins after the Winter 2007 commencement where he gave the commencement address Therese Roth and Cristina Mantovani (University of Manchester) at the Stem Cell Repair & Regeneration Symposium in London Circle of Life Sculpture in front of Hammersmith Hospital, London
David Molea and Susan Allen working at the computer Barald lab members wave from their car on the way to a lab lunch Relaxing outdoors at the 2004 CDB retreat University Hospital sign lights up at night
Barald Lab-May 2007 Therese Roth and Marsha Blauwkamp at Marsha's thesis defense party Pierre Cornell, Therese Roth and Luming Feng at the CDB Halloween party Halloween 2004-pumpkin carving party at Mike McIntyre's