How to install the MestReNova Campus license.



Our current license is valid for the latest version of MestReNova (14.3) and any future version released before October 24, 2023.
For problems with the installation please contact me (; don't contact MestReLab.

Tutorials and a User's Manual can be found in the mestrelab website.

Installation in a personal laptop or computer:

If you don't have it yet, get MestReNova from and install it in your laptop.

Run MestReNova and drag and drop this license file (zip format). You may have to confirm the installation of 3 licenses. Restart MestReNova for the new licenses to take effect.

To validate the license, run MestReNova while connected to the internet through UM's network. You can do this by bringing your laptop to campus and connecting it to the internet either with an ethernet cable or via WiFi (choose MWireless). You can also connect remotely to UM's network via a VPN client (Virtual Private Network) to do the validation off-campus; search for "VPN client" in UM's main web page to download the app and for more information.

Once the license has been validated, the computer can be disconnected from UM's network, or the VPN, if it was used, can be turned off and the license will continue working for up to 90 days without a connection to UM's network. After that time, it can be revalidated by repeating the previous step.

Optional: Starting with MestreNova version 12, some modules are already part of MestreNova and no longer require additional downloads, but these modules need to be enabled before they can be used. The license file also contains licenses for two such modules: "Mnova qNMR" for quantitative analysis of spectra, and "RM" for Reaction Monitoring and analysis of kinetics experiments and arrayed spectra. If you are interested in these modules, to enable them select "Advanced Plug-ins..." from the Edit menu and then select "Mnova qNMR" and "Reaction Monitoring" in the dialog window.

Download the license here.

Installation in a Windows 10 computer for multiple user accounts:

To avoid having to install the license for each individual user, unzip the contents of the license file and store it in:

c:\ProgramData\Mestrelab Research S.L.\MestReNova\licenses