What is waX.500, what does it do?

WaX.500 is an X.500 client or DUA (directory user agent) developed at the University of Michigan that runs on Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.5 & 4.0 (see note), and Windows 95 (see note). It features:

WaX.500 is part of the ldap project. It is a companion product to maX.500 and xax500 which provide Macintosh and unix-Motif access to the global X.500 directory. There are many other ldap clients available.

Release 2.1 Final

download nowClick here to download version 2.1

The beta release had all the features of release 2.05, as well as:

The final release contains these additional changes:

This release does NOT install the kerberos authentication software. If kerberos is working (with any previous version of waX.500) for you now, it should still work after installing 2.1.

WaX.500 is now installed with real install software (InstallShield). Simply run the distributed self extracting installer to install the software

Kerberos Authentication for Windows

download now Click here for more information on obtaining the kerberos authentication software.

We have automated the installation of kerberos. The installation package has been extensively tested. Feedback about the installer is welcome.

Note: Win 95 & Win NT users: Kerberos does work on Windows 95 and NT, but it stores tickets in a permanent file ("c:\tmp\ticket.krb"). This presents a SECURITY PROBLEM because the tickets are good for 10-12 hours after issue, so anyone who has physical access to your machine while the tickets are still good IS YOU as far as kerberos is concerned. Until this problem is fixed, you may want to DELETE c:\tmp\ticket.krb as soon as it's not needed.

Also, if you are authenticated with kerberos in waX.500, you may select "Discard Authentication" from the "Server" menu, and all your tickets will be discarded. Note this only works if you've authenticated via kerberos since you started waX.500.

The next release of MIT's kerberos software should solve this (and other) problems. This release is very late.

If you've had problems getting kerberos installed and working correctly for any version of waX.500, you may install the above package. This should solve the problems. If it doesn't, we want to know about it.

Alternatively if you want to try and get your present installation to work, you'll need the latest version of KrbCheck (New release on 10 April 1997, see "Patches & Updates" below for more info.)

Kerberos support for 32 bit Eudora Pro for Win95

3 Dec 96 : If you install 32 bit Eudora Pro for Win95 and try to use kerberos authentication it will complain about not being able to find kerb16.exe. I have a copy of kerb16.exe I got from Qualcomm (the vendor of Eudora). You should download kerb16.exe into the same directory you installed Eudora Pro in. Qualcomm should make this part of their distribution package.

Patches & Updates  New

Mailing Lists

This page will be kept up to date as new versions of waX.500 and related software are released. Announcements of new releases, updates, config file changes, and such will be made to the mailing list wax500.announce@umich.edu. To join this list send a request to:

Report bugs, suggestions, comments ... all correspondence to

A note for non-UM users:
waX.500 can only talk to servers that run the 3.1 version of the server code or later. This is available on terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu in the file ~ftp/ldap/ldap-3.1.tar.Z.

Last update: 15 May 1997 by sgr@umich.edu